Best Ceramic Window Tinting Service in Wilmington, North Carolina

For most people, the concept of window tinting and different types of films can be used on the windows of your cars and even your homes must not be alien. While you might have heard and most probably tried tinting your cars with polyesters, dye, or metal, the most popular and effective material these days which is making the noise in the market is ceramic window film. Ceramic today is not just being used for artwork, electrical conductors, or optics, the technology for ceramic window tinting services is getting known for its quality which is better than other materials.

Ceramic tint is known for its toughness and durability. The most eye-catching quality of ceramic tint is that it is imbued with such small nanoparticles that they are not even visible to the naked eye. It is not metal and neither does it have any dye which does not make it fade over time and look unappealing to the eyes. This amazing film will never turn into a shade of purple and will enable the window to look sheer and extremely stable. It also makes it clearer and easier for you to look through the window clearly during the day and night. The metal-free ceramic window tint also does not disrupt the GPS, cellular signals, and radio frequency as it is based solely on ceramic particles for the maximum convenience of the driver and the passengers.

A ceramic window film is also able to block almost 90 percent of IR and UV rays to pass through the window which leads to reduced heat from the sun and makes the car cooler. Infrared refers to a certain kind of wavelength that is a part of the everyday spectrum of rays that we suffer through daily. Furthermore, the ceramic tint blocks approximately 99 percent of the UV and IR rays which gives protection to both you and your vehicle from sun damage. It will also protect your skin from wrinkling, burning, and even skin cancer. The tint transitions from a darker shade tint in the day to provide protection from the Sun and to a lighter shade during the night which makes it convenient and safer for the driver to see through it.

It is highly advisable for the citizens of North Carolina to go for ceramic tint to beat the deadly and muggy summers of the city. The most important feature which is essential for every vehicle is that the ceramic tint is shatterproof which means that In case of any unfortunate incident like an accident or break-in, the window glass remains in its place even after breaking or shattering making it safer for the passengers inside. It is highly recommended for vehicle owners with kids and infants to invest in ceramic tint to avoid any mishaps in case of accidents.

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    At SunBum, we have a procedure that is fully safe and performed with utmost concentration and protection and the best quality tools to ensure the perfect result. We have professionals who are experienced with steady hands for the job. Our motto is to never compromise on quality hence you can blindly trust SunBum for your tinting needs. The process of ceramic tinting is almost the same as the normal ones.

    Given below is a brief description of the tinting process for your knowledge and assurance:

    1.   First, the interior glass of your widow is cleaned thoroughly to remove any fingerprints, dust, or marks.

    2.   Then a window razor is used to eliminate any sort of excess moisture to dry the glass up.

    3.   Then the glass is sprayed with water to ensure to hold the film in its place while you can adjust it if needed.

    4.   Then the excess film is cut with a sharp knife by pressing the film into the window recess. At SunBum, the professionals trim the excess as precisely as possible to prevent peeling or any extras.

    5.   Then a heat gun is used to shape the film according to the exact size and shape of the window of your vehicle. Then the window film is removed from the glass gently.

    6.   Finally, the backing is removed and the moist film is applied to the glass.

    7.   The workers then carefully push the film on the inside to force the air bubbles to move towards edges and remove any creases and air pockets.

    8.   Lastly, a metal file is used for a smooth and rounded finish.

    While the process seems easy, it is recommended even by the manufacturers to leave it to the pro that is why we at SunBum, the best ceramic window tinting service in North Carolina are here for your tinting needs. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money by ruining the window films while doing it yourself. Remember, cutting corners cost more. Our entire window tinting package including the ceramic one comes with a lifetime warranty which ensures 100 percent color stability, no air bubbles and pockets, and no creases.