Professional Residential Home Window Tinting Service in Wilmington, North Carolina

Whether you’re moving into a new place, or you’re looking to get your windows tinted but can’t find a way to make that living in Wilmington NC. then worry no more! We’re here to help you get your residential windows tinted instantly with the best quality. Getting your windows tinted isn’t a hefty process, but you surely need to find the right people for it. If you want to get the windows tinted, you need to make sure you’re aware of some things. Commercial residential window tinting, a simple process. With our professional residential window tinting services, you have nothing to worry about. 

There’s no doubt that natural sunlight can instantly brighten up your home by adding a stunning glow. However,  by overexposing your home to the sun, you’re not only increasing the risk of skin damage, but you’re putting your family’s health at risk as well. Too much of anything isn’t right, and a lot of sun exposure isn’t healthy at all as  UVA and UVB rays are so strong and full of intensity that they instantly cause tanning and sunburn. 

We believe residential window tinting is super useful in blocking UV radiation up to 99.9%. It shields and protects your family and home from such harmful rays. To know more about window tinting, read ahead or call us today.

1. Different types of window tinting offer various benefits

There are many different types of home window tinting, which depends on your requirement.

  • Solar home window tint: This window tint is meant to improve the energy efficiency of your house. Solar film is thinner than security film but compared to decorative film, its thicker therefore absorbs or reflects the UV rays quicker and helps in keeping the house cool and calm. Not only do they decrease glare, but they prevent the sun from damaging your exterior or interior. They’re relatively cheaper as well.
  • Security tint: IF you worry about potential break-ins, then the type of tint is your best choice. They’re thick, and they don’t reflect heat at all. Therefore, they’re not easy to shatter or break as well as preventing break-ins.
  •  Decorative window tints: These are the thinnest type of window tints available. They completely revamp the look of your room through patterns and glass motifs. They reflect the heat the least. 

As we’re providing residential window tinting services, you can rely on us to save you time and money. You’ll be able to enjoy long-lasting results.

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    No matter what window tint you go for, they’re designed to control the incoming sunshine and heat and improve the energy efficiency of your house by saving you a few bucks! You have a whole variety to choose from, from style to type.

    Our team is highly professional, and we check through every factor that needs to be considered before tinting your windows. We consider the quality, the glass, the most suitable type, the efficiency, and the cost.

    When we talk about applying films, we also consider the type of window glass available at your home as there are three usually known as not every film is compatible with every glass window. We choose one which would cause minimal damage to the window in a long period. You can always rely on us to assess your windows before proceeding with the process.

    All our window tints are manufactured with high-quality materials. From our equipment to sheets, everything is made of reliable and long-lasting power. As older windows currently have zero emissivity coating, it can cause your home to become hot instantly, and you’d need to keep your air conditioner running. A thin layer of metal oxide is necessary to block heat on the window glass. This will cost you more.

    However, new windows don’t have this problem, but not everyone is ready to spend money on it. Therefore residential window tinting is an alternative that works amazingly. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you’d be living comfortably for a really long time.