Commercial Window Tinting Service in Wilmington, North Carolina

Commercial window tinting means retrofitting a film or a tint to the windows of your business. There are many advantages to a window tint for a business. Window films are best effective if installed by a professional window tinting company

Whenever turning over a new leaf with a business in a new location, business owner’s do everything in their power to make their employees efficient yet comfortable in the workplace for maximum productivity, and minimum costs. It takes a smart manager or a business owner to find solutions and alternatives for everyday problems faced by the workplace and its employees. One does not always pay attention to commercial window tinting, however, it is essential for the business owner to realize the importance and need for it. 

Here are some benefits of commercial window tinting:


The sun gives off IR rays which cause office rooms to heat up. It is merely very difficult to work when the temperature is either too high or too cold. While it is convenient to wear a few more layers in cold weather, what about when it is hot? That is when commercial window tinting can help. We all know air conditioners can be expensive and when running a business, a manager cuts all unnecessary corners to save money and window tinting can contribute to it. In addition to enjoying the beautiful view from the windows, the employees won’t need to shut the blinds on the window in their offices.


There is a reason why dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen even indoors. The ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun can harm your skin even through uncovered windows which is why you should invest in commercial window tinting. Even if your employees enjoy the open window atmosphere, there is a high chance that it may be harmful to them especially if they are prone to sunburns and in worst-case scenarios can lead to skin cancer. The effects of UV rays can start from employees getting more dehydrated and exhausted and then leading to wrinkles. 

You do not want a sick day leave call coming in because of your windows. To cover your windows, we use a unique combination of multiple layers to build a tint with a strengthened polyester film to be applied on the windows.

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    A window film can even save you up on the costs of electricity bills. A commercial window film regulates temperature which means you can save a lot on energy if the air conditioners are not needed in summers to be turned on. With a commercial window tint, you can rely on your windows to keep the temperature of the office from normal to cool.

    Decrease Glare

    Light glare on computer screens is a hindrance which is usually very common with glass windows. Increased glare can disable your employees from concentrating on what they are working on, which can result in reduced productivity. With window filming, you can help your employees maintain their level of focus on the work they are assigned without having to deal with shutting the blinds on the window and forcing them to work in an enclosed and dark environment.


    Commercial window film is normally even known as security window film. It is common with offices that are not based on top floors of buildings to deal with a stranger and even thieves eyeing on their day to day work routine. If your office can be seen from an eye-level, it is also very likely for your employees to feel insecure and distracted by the glares from people through the window crossing the streets. Not to mention, the high risk of revealing your expensive equipment or confidential details to people passing by. This is one of the most important reasons why managers and business owners must invest in window films. A film also helps your employees feel less self-conscious about looking out of the window every minute and concentrate more on their productivity.


    It is quite obvious and a given that films also add an element of professionalism and class. It is because nobody can see what is going inside which gives them an intriguing feeling about the business. It gives the office a sleek look with lots of other benefits which are mentioned above.

    A window film is cost-friendly, essential and also healthy for both employees and the business. It is a must to-do to be checked on the list before summers.

    There are many types of commercial window films available in the market and you must select one which best suits the overall environment of your office.

    Here are some kinds of glass tints available:


    As the name suggests, this kind of window tint is fancy and also decorative. It is usually used in shops to add color or more shine to dull windows where there is a need to add some life to the room. It comes in different patterns ranging from floral to leaves, geometric designs to classic stripes. These kinds of films are best suitable for shops looking to promote selected products or offering selected services.


    These kinds of films are best suitable for business with a highly professional environment and shops with front windows or glass doors. The best quality of security window film is that it keeps the glass pieces intact and in its place even when it is completely shattered. It helps ensure no one gets injured in case of broken glass windows or doors.


    This kind of window film is best suitable for bathrooms and rooms where more privacy is needed; it is most important quality is that not even a shadow can be seen even if the lights are on through this tint. Frosted window films or tint are best known for their light texture yet enhanced privacy.


    Usually, businesses or shops where there is a threat of graffiti use these window films such as banks and shopping malls. This type of window tint is easy to clean and cost-friendly.

    All of these benefits of different kinds of window films are best effective if a professional applies them. However, if you do try to put them up yourself, it is an exhausting and critical job. There is a very high chance that you won’t be able to keep off creases and air bubbles from appearing on the glass which can make the windows look unpleasant and not visually appealing. This is why you must hire a professional for this task to ensure smooth, effective and better application free from any hassles.